Zuidhaven COOP

Euclides — 2016

COOP, a 5.099 m² site at the Canal in Anderlecht, opened his doors on monday 3 october 2016. The project consists of a renovation of the Moulart milling factory by architects Bogdan & Van Broeck. Current activities are coworking spaces, exhibitions, and workshops. For the grand opening, two 3D animations and a holographic representation of the building where delivered.

3D Modeling & Animation: Florian Giroul
Holographic representation: Florian Giroul

3D Infographic

Autodesk Maya & Adobe After Effects

3D Environment

Autodesk Maya

Holographic representation

Physical FabLab Production
This work was created during my Art & Technology studies at the Erasmushogeschool Brussels (Feb-Oct 2016)