How Red are You?

Emakina — 2017

A campaign launched in Switzerland aimed at the most daring people, asking them to show how far they will go to win a trip to California. Take a picture of something red. Can you wear a red suit and run in the streets? Can you paint your face all red? Can you eat red food for a whole week? How red are you? Earn points to grab the final prize, and have fun all along.

Creative Direction: Andrew Berglund
Creative leads: Uyen de Tran, Swan Lefèvre
Production: Bernard Cornut, Fiona Chevalier, Nicolas Pisecky
Motion: Santi Ploussos, Philippe Ramos, Vincent Landrieu, Benjamin Robson, Patrick Jones, Eldad Spanoghe, Florian Giroul, Romain Martin
Direction: Pierre Pironet
Design: Marc Dalemans
Illustration: Fred Peltier

Cards Explosion

Maxon Cinema 4D

Pepper Bite

Adobe Photoshop

Neon Typo

Adobe After Effects

Red Burgers

Maxon Cinema 4D

This work was created as a Digital & Motion Design intern at Emakina BElgium (Feb-March 2017)